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  • Blitz: The League Preview (Xbox)
    "But without the NFL to hold them back any further, Midway's out to make football more rough and ready than ever with Blitz the League. Whether it will have what it takes to compete with the likes of the more sim-like Madden NFL 06 will have to be seen this fall, but the potential behind the game is very much in effect."
  • Outlaw Volleyball Remixed Preview (PS2)
    "Outlaw Volleyball Remixed debuts this May, and should make quite an impact upon its arrival. Its mix of over-the-top arcade style and serious gameplay is a blessing in disguise. Fans will want to check it out, and even those skeptics who aren't up for watching girls cavort around in bikinis...well, I can't help you, something's wrong with you."
  • History of GT: The PS2 (PS2)
    "Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec arrived on shelves in Japan in April 2001 and immediately became a huge hit. And why wouldn't it be? The gameplay that Gran Turismo was known for finally got the look it was yearning for, a beautiful high-tech appearance including a smooth frame rate and explosive detail on the 150+ cars included, as well as beautiful tracks."

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