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We have just posted the fact sheet and 12 screenshots for Road to Sunday.
"This winter, Sony Computer Entertainment America will introduce an all-new genre in videogaming, with its revolutionary new sports entertainment action franchise, Road To Sunday. Featuring aninnovative new game design, realistic football and fighting Artificial Intelligence (AI), and stunning graphics, Road To Sunday willdeliver an all-new gameplay experience with its sequential, episodic storyline. Built from the ground up, Road To Sunday is a unique gaming experience that will provide both sports and entertainment videogame fans with the first ever sports entertainment drama blending football and action style gameplay."

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# 1 RustedWalleye @ 04/25/05 07:31 PM
Whoa! This one came out of nowhere. I hadn't heard anything about this. Hopefully this is a surprise hit, because the features and premise are extremely intriguing.
# 2 luv_mist @ 04/25/05 11:03 PM
Honestly, the game looks like it has good potential. What I need to see are some videos. Hopefully they drop some good ones at orr before E3. Ironically, I never knew so many games would try to capitalize on the licenses not being available. Basketball and Football. These Sony guys are really trying to set themselves up for the long run with a new level of depth. Just hope it's worth it a bit. Here's to the future of the gaming in sports and the new depth that the next generation has to step their game up too....

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