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  • Road to Sunday Preview (PS2)
    "When you're not on the field you'll find yourself caught up in a seedy underworld of guns, gambling, scary men and naked ladies. You can also join the kingpin's underground fighting league, providing you remember that the first rule of the underground fighting league is that you don't talk about the underground fighting league etc."
  • WipEout Pure Review (PSP - 9/10)
    "And WipEout Pure is hard, which is perversely helpful in keeping you plugging away. It's so expertly structured with so much to do and unlock, and so unlike anything other than WipEout and a handful of other pretenders, that you don't mind going at everything repeatedly. At least not until the meaning of the "almost" bit of the first line of the last paragraph becomes apparent, but let's save that for a bit later."

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