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  • MVP Baseball 2005 (Xbox - 9.0/10)
    "The boys of summer are once again playing as Major League Baseball has just settled into its steroid-tainted 2005 season, and EAs MVP Baseball 2005 gives an all-star quality showing for baseball gaming fans. With an outrageous plethora of fantasy league-style features, nobody comes close to capturing the authenticity of fantasy leaguing better than EA, who once again prove their not kidding with their if its in the game, its in the game claim."
  • Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Remix (PSP - 8.8/10)
    "In the past, shrinking a game down to portable form meant cutting out a number of features, but that doesn't happen here. All of the modes and features of the console versions are here, including face-mapping, multi-p;ayer modes, create-a-skater, -park, -level, -trick, -etc. In fact, the Re-mix part of the title partially refers to the fact that the PSP version has 4 bonus levels not seen in the console editions."

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