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  • MLB (8.2/10)
    "Easily 989 Sports' best title for the PSP launch, MLB plays as good as it looks and sounds. It has enough gameplay modes to last a while, plus the pitching/batting mechanisms are variable enough to make the pitcher/batter duels a little bit unpredictable. Sounds are merely OK though, and playing MLB online is compromised by lagging and frame-rate issues. For baseball fans on the go MLB is just what the doctor ordered."
  • World Tour Soccer (7.7/10)
    "Itís no FIFA or Winning Eleven killer, but World Tour Soccer for PSP has enough teams, stadiums, licensed players and gameplay modes to make it a keeper. The lack of online support and questionable AI notwithstanding WTS a fun little soccer game to pass the time with. A looser and slightly more free-wheeling soccer experience than the so-sim-oriented-it-hurts FIFA Soccer PSP game."
  • FIFA Soccer (7.9/10)
    "Surprisingly FIFA Soccer doesnít blow Sonyís World Tour Soccer game out of the water. Control issues, lagging response time and a rushed-to-market feel water-down what should have been the best soccer game on PSP. If I were forced to choose between FIFA and WTS Iíd go with EAís game but would double-guess myself soon after making my decision. Both are good soccer experiences that should at least be given the courtesy of a rental by any and all prospective PSP buyers."

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