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  • Adidas All-Star Football (86/100)
    "The lastability is also very good. With so many players in there everyone is bound to have a favourite. The events and objectives are a little reminiscent of an athletics game where you have to get medals also by playing events. As they are pretty quick and require some practice the game will have you coming back for more to try and achieve that last trick or score the perfect free kick. The game saves your progress, and can be suspended / resumed. Plus there's the quick mode if you want to practice a certain trick or free kick."
  • Maria Sharapova Tennis (90/100)
    "The lastability is not bad. The game has the two modes and the quick play should keep you entertained for quite a while. The career tour is more palatable to most serious gamers tastes and you can save up to five different tours. You can't save mid match and once your tour is over you can't go back and win the cups you lost out on, but this shouldn't matter too much as not only do you get better as the game goes on, but the game also gets more fun. Even though there is no network function, you can suspend and resume the game and you can save your progress between matches on career mode."

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