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Why do you visit Operation Sports??

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# 1 devilsjaw @ 05/05/05 08:25 PM
Hey! Where's the option for 'I have a huge man-crush on Steve'?

# 2 jmood88 @ 05/05/05 08:35 PM
Forums for me. I almost never go to the main site and if I do it's by accident.
# 3 BatsareBugs @ 05/05/05 08:52 PM
# 4 RoyalBoyle14 @ 05/05/05 09:32 PM
I visit cause of the forums, But I also visit cause it's really the best damn sports games/sports site I ever was apart of. I spend a lot of time on here, and it's well worth it.
# 5 SPTO @ 05/06/05 09:25 AM
Mainly the forums but you guys do get some of the best pre-release media.
# 6 aukevin @ 05/06/05 09:52 AM
I come regularly for the forums, but I know I can also come here to get great information about game releases and some great coverage in terms of screenshots and movies before a game is released.
# 7 mjb2124 @ 05/06/05 10:37 AM
Forums. Lots of good people who are knowledgeable about sports.
# 8 inkcil @ 05/06/05 11:07 AM
It used to be the links to varoius gaming reviews around the web, but lately (past year) its been the forum. People around here are quite...interesting.

Besides, it's become more of an addiction than a pleasure. Don't get me wrong, it's still a pleasure, but more similiar to the kind of pleasure an addict gets from smoking crack. Can I say "crack" on this website? If I can't, then I apologize.
# 9 luv_mist @ 05/06/05 01:50 PM
I like their forums. They're second to none cause there are all types that hit up this joint. Plus their reviews are top of the line compared to other sites who half-azz to the top. Their sports reviews are what I go by. Oh, and to see those sexy girls in the avatars Got my head spinning....
# 10 Shaver @ 05/06/05 02:08 PM
I like their Reviewers. They are devilishly charming AND ruggedly handsome!
# 11 DJmastamind @ 05/06/05 02:57 PM
All of the above, I'm glad that i found these boards, very informative, and friendly posters
# 12 elicoleman @ 05/06/05 03:20 PM
# 13 XboxRocks1991 @ 05/06/05 10:36 PM
Im high on the forums. i posted 257 times in th past 2 weeks. It took me 2 years (almost) to reach 1000.
# 14 bjf1377 @ 05/07/05 12:27 AM
Well, I used to just come for everything, but honestly it's mainly for the forums now.
# 15 ifiok25 @ 05/07/05 11:17 AM
I come for the forums. Best forum on the web right now.
# 16 ravensfan52 @ 05/07/05 03:54 PM
I fell into the site about a year ago. I just found it cause I was looking for honest straight up reviews. After a week or so I was wondering if that ws all they had and then I found the fourums and I love them. They are very interesting and informative.
# 17 koebner @ 05/07/05 04:47 PM
Forums-specifically the roster and slider sections.
# 18 cliburn @ 05/07/05 11:11 PM
For me it is without a doubt the forums. I buy one game a year: NCAA Football. I buy it every July and play it until the next July. That is all I play, so I don't need OperationSports' or anyone else's review of it. If it sucks, I'll know it when I play it. I came here to get information about the upcoming NCAA 2004 in June of 2003 and just fell in love with the "community" if you will. I found a home. Now, I enjoy discussing football and "Everything Else" with my OS brethren more than anything on the Net. I have never read any reviews on this site, but I love it more than any other site on the Internet; go figure.
# 19 Rickster101 @ 05/10/05 04:46 PM
Well at first I was gonna say the forums but I can't because its more much more and I'd be selling myself short so its pretty much a mixture of some of everything sports related and then some and guys who've been here awhile know what I'm talkin' about and for me it is by far the best damm site in this format that actually does live up to it motto "DETICATED TO SPORTS GAMING" and beyond.

The site is in a word incredible with a living breathing active community second to none...there is nothing quite like it on the net as far as interest and diversity goes and the community...well the post and testomonials speak for themselves,I've visited alot of simular sites and they all have their own personalitys but this place is a place I'm proud to say has just about all the comforts of home and guys I've chated with here are for the most part the best and brightest fans and gamers in the world hailing from everywhere at one place..."OS...Da Spot" and knowing that an international community reads and watchs what goes down here makes me feel like an international fan who holds his own with the "World" at large on the grandest of all levels the internet and web community and OS has made us all stars sharing and communicating daily which is a good thing a very good thing so Thank You OS for being what you truly are...a site that has gone far and beyond anything though possible by letting its members and fans share thoughts ideals and just general overall knowledge in the world community at large you're the greatest and have allowed us all to get a little closer by just being what you are a great common voice in the internet community with interest for everyone involved or just seeking a place to call home.

Holla Back y'all
# 20 Dayton_Cowboy @ 05/11/05 06:16 AM
Forums... And it helps that SteveOS is a member of another board.. and says there are xbox roster update files for madden 2005.

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