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  • Forza Motorsport Review (Xbox - 9/10)
    "To sum it all up neatly, Forza succeeds by being one of the very few racing games that has the potential to appeal to all driving game fans. It'll unite the action drivers by being accessible and fun, the mod crowd for having a bewildinering array of customisation options and aftermarket enhancements, and the hardcore simulation fanatics by its blistering attention to detail and enormous degree of challenge."
  • Virtua Tennis World Tour Screenshots (PSP)
  • Football Manager 2006 Interview (PC)
    Eurogamer: "Regarding half-time team talks, what sort of interaction will you be able to have with your team? Will it be directed at the 'team' as a whole or can you single out specific players who have been underperforming? And will it really have much of an effect on the result, positively or negatively?"
    Miles Jacobson: "You can either direct it at the whole team or single out specific players. It will have an effect on the player's morale, which can certainly affect a result, and the different player's personalities will determine how the team talk changes their morale or form."

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