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Gameplanet has posted their review of Forza Motorsport for the Xbox, giving it a perfect rating of 5/5.
Forza aims to be a simulation foremost. Sure there is an arcade mode for pick up and play if you just want instant action but there is no denying that Forza is one of the most realistic racers on the Xbox to date. Not everyone will be able to afford the new Speedster 3 wheel which was made specifically for Forza so the game offers assists to help you drive the best you can. Three assists are available for the cars which are ABS, Traction Control and Stability control. ABS reduced the chance of locking the brakes under heavy braking, Traction Control stops the wheels losing traction under heavy acceleration and Stability Control helps the car around corners by applying equal power to the wheels where needed. On top of these assists is a Driving Line which can be turned on or off. When turned on a green line appears on the track where it recommends you take the lines through corners, chicanes, hairpins and the like. If you approach a corner too fast then the line changes red at the point where you will not make the bend. As you slow down the line changes from red to orange to yellow and eventually to green.

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