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Xbox Advanced has posted their impressions of NBA 2K6.
"Not to offend any Madden fan boys out there but NBA 2K6 was by far the best looking sports title on the 360. No other sports game, or any other game for that matter, could step up to the graphic quality and physical realism that NBA 2K6 showed us. It looks as though Take Two has put in itís time to make sure this is one of the most gorgeous Xbox 360 experiences weíll have in the consoleís first generation of games."

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# 1 Mintsa @ 06/02/05 08:18 AM
Originally Posted by 8bit
the screenshots look current gen. What was the guy raving about?

"At one point Shaq was jogging down court after a made bucket only to turn to ready up for defense, wipe the sweat from his brow, then find his man and D up."

This doesn't sound like the shaq clip that we saw???

It's pbvious these people have seen stuff "behind the curtain" and judging this game by screenshots and such is just stupid.

Just wait a couple of months until the "real" info is released.
# 2 Blackwiz @ 06/02/05 07:16 PM
these people and other gamesites have seen other stuff........those pics were 2k6 on xbox, not xbox 360(obviously)

others have even mentioned that they have seen the game, but it was not nearly as done, because the players didnt have shirts on yet

VC isnt exposing any of this yet except to game sites VIP

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