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TeamXbox has posted their first in game footage of NHL 06.
"Thatís right, despite the continuing woes of the NHL, youíll still get to enjoy hockey action on your Xbox with NHL 06 this fall. This yearís game is all about control as youíll be able to deke and dipsy-doo like a pro."

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# 1 Jimplication @ 06/09/05 10:54 AM
The moves look nice in a video, but it will be interesting to see how they pan out in a gameplay situation.

Also, that last penalty shot taken by Lecavalier seems a bit unrealistic, as does the move where the player flips it from behind the net to a player taking a baseball swing at it.

I guess that is more exciting though and will sell more copies. If they are going away from the team game aspect, and focusing more one one and one, then maybe they will sell a lot of copies, but they won't be justly representing hockey IMO.

Then again, it's just one video, but some of the things showcased are quite unrealistic, especially if they happen more than once, maybe twice, a season.

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