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Well after being away for a month, I'm back with a few thoughts on the Finals and the NBA in general. I'm sure that the 6 people that read my blog are excited to see me back.

- I don't think I've ever seen a team flop more than the San Antonio...{br}{br}View the Entire Article{br}

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# 1 Shaver @ 06/10/05 01:19 PM
Good stuff, Aaron.

I would have to add Dennis Rodman to the "Flopper Hall of Fame". Manu clearly watched Rodman tape growing up. They are the only two master floppers that I have seen that throw the head back so violently and then actually leave their feet.
# 2 Nivek @ 06/10/05 01:25 PM
Every Lakers fan should be praying that Raymond Felton has a horrible workout. In my opinion, this a deep PG draft but there are only 3 that have the chance to be great, Chris Paul, Deron Williams and Raymond Felton. Since the Lakers pick 10, there is no chance that they will get Paul or Williams but before the lottery it looked like they had a great chance to get him at 10. Now, pretty much every mock draft has Felton going at 5 to the Bobcats.
The lakers have no shot at Felton at 10 unless they trade up, the big 3 pg's will be taken after the 7th pick.
# 3 Graphik @ 06/10/05 02:31 PM
I noticed the flop-show yesterday also. I think its getting wayyyyy out of hand. How in the blue hell can you fly 10 feet across the court onto your back when the player did nothing but attempt a small cross move to get pass you like his elbow and forearm can generate enough power to move a mack truck. Ginobli.....the Wallace Bros......Billups...Parker....I think I seen each of these players get hit by sniper shots yesterday judging by the way they fell. And Ginobli's flop against Rip yesterday in the 4th is what turned the game around and shifted the momentum to SA.....also cant forget about that no-call with Ginobli taking it to the rack against Big Ben with Ben earning a Tech. If you're gonna call it all game, why stop then? Sheesh.

Flops? We should'nt even be having this discussion but the NBA really needs to crack down on the players who try to get Oscars from a flop. Dennis and Vlade may have started this trend but todays players are making it apart of the game.

Is it me or does anyone feel that the offensive foul zone in the paint is now a bad idea? It does add a level of stratergy but its being abused all to hell nowadays. Players much rather get that flop instead of contest the shot. Well....come to think about it the one in the paint is'nt all to bad. What really gets me is the bastards who flop on a simple dribble move. Its really starting to look like a video game out there.
# 4 Skins4Life @ 06/10/05 06:46 PM
You can add Ben Wallace to the flopper hall of fame as well
# 5 elprez98 @ 06/10/05 11:31 PM
Originally Posted by Skins4Life
You can add Ben Wallace to the flopper hall of fame as well
I'll agree his two acts were a bit overdramatized but he did beat Ginobili to the spot on both calls(blocking on Wallace btw)
# 6 Skins4Life @ 06/10/05 11:54 PM
Originally Posted by elprez98
I'll agree his two acts were a bit overdramatized but he did beat Ginobili to the spot on both calls(blocking on Wallace btw)
I wasnt just refering to last night....
# 7 wildcatchild @ 06/12/05 10:03 AM
I'm a little biased, but I think Detroit needs to exploit the Prince vs. Ginobli matchup. No way Manu can guard Tay on the blocks, no way. Tay got his shot off at will the other night, it just didn't go in.

I remember Prince's rookie season against Philly and he just decimated them down there on the low post. I noticed Duncan coming over for the double down the other night as well--this frees up Rasheed for open J's.

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