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Eurogamer has posted an interview with Studio Director, Don Whiteford, as they talk about Juiced.
Eurogamer: "Now, it's fair to say you've got plenty of competition in the street racing genre, with NFSU and Midnight Club around. How do you feel Juiced compares to those games, and what have you done to differentiate yourselves?"
Don Whiteford: "Juiced has its physics firmly in the simulation camp, and it's more of a pure racing game than either of the other two. It also features an innovative career mode that lets the player decide the tactics and strategy for playing the game, crew racing, full damage on licensed cars, pink slip racing on and offline, betting and more advanced driver AI. I could go on but at the end of the day the acid test is in the playing and the best word I have used to describe it is 'addictive'. Juiced is not a product you can get through on a weekend rental!"

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