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Every year it seems like "Big Wigs" from Malls and Retail Stores accross the U.S. get together in a top secret mountain fortress somewhere in South Dakota to decide when the Christmas Holiday season is going to start this year. Maybe I'm getting...{br}{br}View the Entire Article{br}

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# 1 Acid @ 06/30/05 02:29 PM
Great article/blog.

I agree, it gets worse and worse every year with conspiracy theories about the release dates. :y4:
# 2 Longhorn33 @ 06/30/05 02:34 PM
I agree..This is my most anticipated game of the year. I log 10x more time on this than anyother game I own........I love how everyone knows someone's sister's uncle's best friend that has the inside scoop on the release....Also since I spend most of my time on operations sports from May to June checking out info on the game that is usually when I make my donation for all the hard work you guys do.
# 3 fossen @ 06/30/05 03:33 PM
Great blog, Clay.

It does seem like the anticipation gets stretched out with each new year. We're still weeks away!
# 4 elicoleman @ 06/30/05 03:40 PM
Great article, 100% correct.
# 5 Nivek @ 06/30/05 04:15 PM
Great article Clay...
# 6 Lintyfresh85 @ 06/30/05 05:37 PM
love the article clay... It feels like such a long wait because we the gamers are making it one... if we didn't start getting hyped so early we wouldn't feel like the days are taking forever from now till the 12th.
# 7 Brandwin @ 07/04/05 02:54 AM
LOL great stuff Clay. I didnt see this posted till now.

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