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  • Madden NFL 06 Superstar: Producer Phil Fraiser Interview and Video Blowout (Multi)
    Game Informer: "Say you want to playing just a basic game or you might not want it to be as in-depth as the game is with the QB Vision - can you turn that off?"
    Phil Frasier: "You can. There is an option in settings to disable it and it can be disabled per user so say if Iím playing you and you want to use it and I donít, I can actually turn it off while you keep it on. So that way you get all those precision elements and all that control and all the bonuses and I can disable it and receive no penalty."
  • L.A. Rush Preview and Movies (PS2, Xbox, PC)
    "L.A. Rush looks to live up to its namesake for its nonstop arcade action, nice variety of vehicles, and slick presentation. Letís hope the still unseen areas of L.A. are as entertaining as what weíve witnessed so far, but it seems like Midwayís going in the right direction. If you had fun tearing through San Francisco, itís time to terrorize L.A."

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