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  • Cricket 2005 (PC, PS2, Xbox - 5/10)
    "The HUGE irony in Cricket 2005 is that all the pieces are here now. There's EA's customary excellence in covering domestic and international rosters and competitions, as well as what looks to be 70% effort towards making a playable game. This isn't a superficial effort by any means. Sure, the batsman needs a freer control method regarding footwork, but each of the individual aspects of the game - bowling, batting, fielding - they all have a lot of intricate detail and subtlety to them. But all the depth in the world goes for nought if the game itself isn't tuned properly. More animation, a sharper control method and a thorough AI workshop and this game has the makings of a challenger for your money. Until then, stick to the idiot box."
  • Formula One 2005 (PS2 - 8/10)
    "Formula One 05 is definitely a console race enthusiast's title. Sure you can switch on all the helpers and have yourself a reasonable punt around the official circuits, with the official drivers and cars, but again, only keen race beans will fully appreciate the detail that's gone into this. Simply put, for casual gamers it's the kind of game that is so high quality you feel like you should play it, despite knowing you're not going to be able to derive full value out of it. On the flipside, F1 fans would get value for money out of this for nothing if not the exacting course replicas - including the Istanbul track - and the evident dedication to detail that Liverpool Studios have lavished on this title. After past compromise titles, you have to rate Sony for taking a firm step and putting this squarely into the hardcore racer camp."

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