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ConsoleSports have posted NCAA Football 06 reviews for the following consoles:
  • Playstation 2 (8.4/10)
    "NCAA 2006 is definitely a more refined and balanced game than its predecessors. Key gameplay areas (such as the running game and the frequent easy pass drops) have been tweaked over the years to bring the game more in-line with reality. More importantly, the game is very fun and challenging and offers some great new features (such as impact players) and a very interesting new mode of play (Race For the Heisman)."
  • Xbox (8.6/10)
    "NCAA 2006 has definitely improved over last years game. It has kept the depth that has been a strong point and made the AI smarter. The running game is back to being fun and the overall gameplay is very challenging yet rewarding at the same time. I do think the deep ball might be a problem in online play, but that is one that will be dealt with in the many leagues that are out there. The new features, Race for the Heisman and Impact Players, and a bit of depth to the already deep game. I think the casual gamers out there will especially dig the Race for the Heisman feature because there isnít a ton of micromanaging going on. Then on-the-field game is great, but I feel that the game is severly lacking in the Presentation department, and that takes away from the total gaming experience. Overall, this game is back on track to being every bit as good as itís pro game, Madden. Even with the presentation being the way it is, I donít think XBOX gamers will be disappointed with how this years game plays."

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