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Gaming Target has posted their review of Enthusia Professional Racing, giving it a 8.4.
"It doesn't have the depth of Gran Turismo, but I think Enthusia Professional Racing was not designed to compete in that regard anyway. Instead, Enthusia is built for those who want a bit more 'pick up and play' in their racing simulations, and it does that fairly well. It has some problems that should be worked out (let's make RWD cars handle just slightly better guys...no RWD car has such bad control in reality), but for a genre Konami has never dove into, its a great first start and can only get better if a sequel is granted. Both innovative and familiar, Enthusia Professional Racing is a good game for those done with GT4, and those who hate GT4, simply because it caters to both audiences quite well. As long as you can deal with the issues that Enthusia suffers from, you'll find a fun and challenging racer that's quite different than what you commonly expect from its genre more than enough of a good reason to give Konami the support so the Enthusia franchise grows and really becomes something to pay attention to."

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