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Game Informer has posted their preview of Burnout: Legends and Burnout: Revenge.
"Crashbreakers were a freebie in Burnout 3: Takedown, but now you’ll have to earn them in Burnout: Revenge. When your damage would normally earn a crashbreaker, you now have to button mash to get an optimum crashbreaker and then execute it. Make enough damage and you can now earn a second crashbreaker. You’ll want it, because on top of all that, there’s a new “target car” which is kind of like the money pin in bowling, which if hit nets you even more of a bonus. Sure, getting that gold medal in all of the crash events is fun, but shattering that gold score is what true Burnout players do. Pull off an extremely sick crash, and there’s a demented crowd that now applauds your handywork. Sure, it may be twisted, but that’s what crash mode is all about."

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