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  • Burnout Legends Preview (PSP)
    "But what a speedy, playable recycling job it is. Though the game isn't due out for a couple of months, what was on the floor at EA's Hot Summer Nights event was polished and enjoyable -- the series' trademark blistering speed was well and truly represented. Playing the Road Rage mode (taken from Burnout 3) on a track from one of the earlier games, I was fully able to control my car and send my opponents careening off of the side of the road within moments with no difficulty. The game feels just as good as Burnout 3 did on the PS2 and Xbox, so there's absolutely nothing to worry about in the control department. Bear in mind, as a PS1-onward Ridge Racer veteran, I stick to the digital pad for racing control; the usual caveats about the PSP's wonky analog nub come into effect here."
  • Need for Speed: Most Wanted Preview (PS2)
    "Like Underground 2, Most Wanted takes place in a sprawling, free-racing city. If you run into another racer or get invited to an event, you'll launch into a race. In addition to the high-energy drag race mode I saw at E3, I got to check out a tollbooth race: essentially, a checkpoint race through city streets. The interesting thing was that after I conquered the challenge, which is a pretty basic and typical racing game mode, the game transitioned seamlessly into a cop chase, where I had to avoid the fuzz for a couple of minutes or lose everything. A cool feature is how you can hear the cop chatter, cluing you in to just what's pursuing you."
  • NBA 06 Screenshots (PS2)
    "989 Sports' new basketball series introduces a number of feature firsts, including a behind-the-scenes, all-inclusive story mode and an entirely new game design where a player's talents on the court dictate their ability to manage teammates and even the crowd. All-new for NBA '06 is a "Showtime Gameplay" feature where highlight reel no-looks and alley-oops increase player attributes and raise team play. A low post feature marks out the strengths and weaknesses of the big men at the post. Additionally, NBA '06 offers a new Epic mode, where gamers have the opportunity to nurture rookies straight out of the draft and build them into an all-star caliber player. In addition, NBA '06 will include more than 20 mini-games, as well as support for Eye-Toy and Online gameplay. "

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