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Game Informer Online has posted their preview of Mario Superstar Baseball.
"If Nintendo knows how to do one thing, though, itís minigames. Toy Field is the most expansive of the set, and involves four players rotating between fielding, batting, and pitching. You earn coins from nailing a hit, striking people out, or catching someone out. Various zones of the field are labeled from a base hit all the way to a home run, and if you land the ball in those areas youíll get various amounts of coins. If you hit it into certain zones, a slot machine will pop up and engage various effects. Anything from stealing other playersí coins to netting you an extra at-bat is fair game. When any of the seven back wall panels are struck, letters flip around to spell MIRACLE (weíre told the English version of MSB will feature HOMERUN instead). This will net you the most points of anything, but itís also really tricky to pull off. Whoever has the most coins after a prescribed amount turns are up wins."

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