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  • Outlaw Tennis Review (2/5 Stars)- Xbox
    "If you've got a few friends hanging around and you don't consider Virtua Tennis to be fun anymore on the Dreamcast (an impossibility unless you're really, really drunk, I feel), Hypnotix has an alternative with Outlaw Tennis for the Xbox. The game does offer strong online support and a number of cool little mini-games, but fails to come together with any kind of memorable gameplay. Also, you can't help but feel that the whole Outlaw theme has run its course, like the old, fat biker who insists he can't be beat at shot drinking and then collapses after two drinks."
  • MotoGP4 Preview- PS2
    "The first thing that hardcore MotoGP fans will notice is how much licensed content is actually included in the game. Namco's gone all out to work with the race circuit to include a number of official tracks, riders, and even engine classes to capture the authenticity of the sport itself. Such riders as Kevin Schwartz, Wayne Rainey, Wayne Gardner and Mick Doohan will be selectable in the game, and others can be unlocked as well, including longtime historic MotoGP rider Daijiro Kato among others."
  • Madden NFL 2006 Interview- Xbox
    "Frazier said that while the offense was a focus this year, the team did not want the blowouts of old Madden games. This year's game has a balance of solid defense, great passing and a new running game that actually lets you see openings in the line and then take off down the field."

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