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Gaming Target has posted their review of Juiced, giving it a 6.8.
"If you could grade a game on features alone, Juiced would be higher scored, because the career mode really is well done and offers a lot of depth. However, the slow progression and mostly old, tired racing action hampers the unique features of said career. THQ was wise to pick up a promising title from the ashes of Acclaim, though the promise wasn't completely realized this time around. Hopefully, if a Juiced 2 is made, it will fully realize the potential of the game and do something special. As it is, Juiced doesn't quite touch either Midnight Club 3 or Need for Speed Underground, leaving it in the back of the pack in the genre. At least it's better than Street Racing Syndicate, another game that came from the ashes of a dead publisher. With an awesome game like Burnout Revenge coming soon, there's really no need to buy Juiced at a full price, unless you really need some more illegal street action while you wait for Need for Speed Most Wanted."

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