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  • NHL 2K6 Hands On (Xbox)
    "Most recent hockey games have allowed you to change playing styles in-game, but the new On-The-Fly Coaching system found in NHL 2K6 seems more responsive than past attempts. The D-pad has four specific plays mapped to a specific direction."
  • Outlaw Tennis Review (Xbox - 7.1/10)
    "Underneath the surface of being an over-the-top, arcade style, sports videogame the Outlaw series has always had solid sporting mechanics. While the insipid one-liners that occasionally force gamers to chuckle under their breath are still firmly intact itís the tennis action that could use a bit more refining."
  • Project Gotham Racing 3 Update #9 (X360)
    "It went down amazingly well, and so many people were totally blown away by it. The comment I kept getting was that this is the first truly next-gen game that they had seen."

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