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The Real Football Experience will Blitz: The League this October

Are you ready for the most watered-down, decaffeinated, "don't tackle me too hard", afraid of any competition, pansy-*** football videogame experience? Well you're in luck because that game ships tomorrow, and it's the only pigskin game censored (we mean endorsed) by the No Fun League.

"This game is so scared of the competition they should change the name of the game to John D. Rockefeller 2006 as these fools needed a monopoly just to feel safe with their No Fun League game. This move was about as cool as wearing socks with sandals in the summer, but that's all right, because over at Midway Games we don't play by the rules, we break them! And who am I you ask?"

"Yo, what up kid, this is Quentin Sands, defensive linebacker for the New York Nightmare. What, you haven't heard of me yet? Well, you better ask somebody…ask them if they know who the star player is in the most hardcore football videogame experience yet-Midway Games' Blitz: The League. Blitz is the only football game that tells it like it is…not how the league tries to convince you it might be."

"This is the game the league doesn't want you to play, and while we don't hand out awards in the form of Turkey Legs, we do have all of the on-the-field fury, off-the-field problems,and front office politics that are ubiquitous to a real football season. Get ready cuz' the League is about to get the REAL season started!"


Arriving This October for Xbox and PS2

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# 1 zRifle1z @ 08/08/05 05:34 PM
Man is'nt this the truth.

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