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C|Net has posted their hands on impressions of Madden NFL 06.
"Longtime fans of the franchise will also be happy to hear that the game's learning curve remains intact; I found the moderate difficulty level fairly challenging, and though I'm no great shakes at Madden, it's nice to see that handheld football has evolved past the point where you can just speed-burst into the endzone on every play. Passing adheres to the same time-honored methods of Maddens past, so you won't have to bother with turning off the newfangled Cone of Vision that so many people seem to hate on consoles. A few of the other console-specific moves are absent as well, due to the PSP's lack of a right analog control; you can still "truck" defenders with the triangle button, but can't do the back-juke that, if deftly executed, would likely allow experienced players to speed-burst into the endzone on every play. So maybe that's a good thing."

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# 1 Averyj78 @ 08/11/05 04:57 PM
ESPN 06 definitely would have been better. Madden is okay but its no ESPN.

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