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Eurogamer has posted an interview with Miles Jacobson, as they talk about Football Manager 2006.
Eurogamer: "You've said this is a feature-complete Football Manager 2006 - is there anything in the PC game that isn't on Xbox 360? And does the PC version lack any X360 features?"
Miles Jacobson: "The networked multi-player options will be different on each. We are sticking to the same system for the PC/Mac hybrid version that we've had for a while, whereas Xbox 360 will have something different instead, but we're not revealing exactly what just yet. It's very cool though, and much more appropriate for the console gamer compared to our normal system. Obviously they've both got different control methods, but everything will be in there, although you might need a HD TV to be able to see a couple of things where the screen resolution of a normal TV just can't display everything."

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