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  • Blitz: The League Preview (Xbox)
    "The game begins by allowing you to set up your team. This goes from picking the logo (there's a vast array of pre-made logos, which stylistically resemble NFL teams' even if they're all fabricated by Midway) and adjusting its colors to customizing the uniform design and even the appearance of specific players. Blitz: The League lets you get really hands on in naming your team and managing its look. This will be carried over to the online game, too. A player who puts a lot of effort into personalizing his team will instantly have cachet on the field; a guy who put forth little skill into it will be shown to be the poser he is."
  • L.A. Rush Preview (PS2)
    "The first thing I noticed is that L.A. Rush has absolutely the arcadiest racing controls in recent memory. Forget the fine tuned, unforgiving finesse of Gran Turismo. Drop any expectations of Project Gotham's sensitive hybrid arcade/sim responsiveness. Hell, Burnout and Ridge Racer aren't this simplistic and twitchy. The cars, no matter what make, rocket around the tracks at a breakneck pace and are so responsive things do not seem in the least realistic; fortunately for the game, it very much works."
  • Gretzky NHL 06 Screenshots (PSP)
    "Gretzky NHL 2006 introduces an all-new Wayne vs. Wayne mode where gamers earn "99 Time" and can temporarily activate Gretzky to go six-on-five against opponents or alternately defend against him when an opponent activates 99 Time."
  • NBA 06 Screenshots (PSP)

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