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  • Gretzky NHL '06 Interview (PS2)
    GameDaily: "What can you tell us about the simulation mode in the game? Can you really become like Gretzky?"
    David Perkison Sr.: "Not only can you become like Gretzky, but through the Gretzky Challenge you can unlock up to four different versions of Gretzky and sign one or all of them to your team. The Gretzky Challenge is not so much a mode as it is a profile and point-tracking system that tracks your progress against multiple objectives throughout all modes of the game. Some of the Gretzky Challenge elements are easy, like winning a face-off. Others, like creating a player, taking that player into Franchise Mode and having that player win nine Hart Memorial Trophies (the same number that Wayne won) are much more difficult. With each accomplished challenge you will earn points, and you can use those points to unlock the aforementioned Waynes, but also third jerseys, throwback jerseys, hidden teams and other fun stuff as well."
  • NHL 2K6 Preview (Xbox)
    "The game's franchise mode is also being reworked to help focus on Team Chemistry, an all-important factor in your quest to getting Stanley Cup hopes up. In this franchise mode, you have to make sure every aspect of your team is healthy as you work your way through a season, relying on excellent coaching staff and even running small workouts, scrimmages, and drills. It looks to be very comprehensive, even over last year's robust Franchise settings, and should make players sport a toothy grin."

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