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Lawrence has posted their review of Madden NFL 06, giving it an 89%.
"Itís evident that Tiburon was really pushing the limit as far as experimenting with the vision cone and realism. The game might just take a tiny step over the line of being too real. Thereís a reason why only a select few are able to play in the NFL and make difficult reads and such. We gamers want to enjoy that thrill, just not with the frustration that can go along with it. The learning curve is higher this year, but once you get use to everything and become comfortable, the game really shines. EA hasnít disappointed with the exclusive license and thatís definitely a plus. Keep in mind that Madden í06 is also set to debut with the Xbox 360. So if you plan on getting a 360, you might want to see what EA can do on the next-gen systems. This is definitely a great game to get your football fix for the real NFL season. Nothing beats it."

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