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  • Juiced (Xbox - 71/100)
    "THQ has brought a very decent import racer to the market; it’s just unfortunate that it couldn’t have come out at an earlier date. With all of the other, more refined titles out there, it is very likely that Juiced is going to be pushed aside and overlooked by the gaming public. If released even six months earlier, Juiced would have made more of an impact, but at this point it doesn't have what it takes to make a huge impression. However, if you’re looking for a decent, customizable racer that takes it to the streets, Juiced might be for you."
  • NCAA Football 06 (PS2 - 96/100)
    "Taking everything into perspective, NCAA 2006 is the finest football game to date. Perhaps it will be unseated by Madden, but only time will tell. Currently possessing the finest animation ever seen in a football game, detailed graphics, speedy gameplay, great commentary, more game modes then ever, and an improved online game, NCAA 2006 has no competition…literally. This is the only NCAA Football game you will see this year, but who cares. If you are a fan of the college game, you owe it to yourself to buy this game right now."

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