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Gamecell has posted the following reviews:
  • Brian Lara International Cricket 2005 (PS2 - 8/10)
    "Ultimately, whether you buy Brian Lara International Cricket 2005 is down to whether you want a cricket game. If you do want to play your friends at cricket, then this is the game for you. It's not perfect, but it is cricket, it does play well, and will last a good few dozen hours before the weaknesses really become annoying. Actually, I thought Codemasters had gone completely doolally when I heard that they had dusted off the Brian Lara franchise for the first time in over five years, but as I write this Brian Lara tops the all format games sales chart, so I guess that I must know sod all about selling games. Good work Codies."
  • Outlaw Tennis (Xbox - 8/10)
    "Colourful, bawdy and fun, Outlaw Tennis is a highly polished title that for £20 or less is a real bargain. Its only problems are that even with all the funky game modes and sub games it offers, Tennis is basically a matter of hitting a ball backwards and forwards across a net until one of you screws up, and though the tour mode is addictive, for this couch sportsman tennis gets ‘old’ quite quickly."

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