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Console Gold has posted their review of Madden NFL 06, giving it an 86.
"In the first year of exclusivity EA and Tiburon have somewhat dropped the ball, but Madden 06 is still a fantastic game to play. The additions of the Vision Cone passing and Superstar mode are great ideas, but they are just not implemented correctly. Madden 06 is still a great game, it is just that the gameplay additions like the Truck stick and offensive line options might not give a person enough reason to pick this game up. I hope this game on the Xbox 360 is an improvement over this last major entry into the current generation of consoles. If Tiburon can do enough different it may see a change in opinion about the NFL exclusivity deal from the vast legion of videogame sports fans. This is still a great game and it is the only licensed NFL game out there whether you like it or not."

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