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Gamer Feed has posted an interview with Adam Boyes, Producer of Blitz: The League.
GD: "I was going to ask you about a couple of additional features we discovered playing Blitz the League. First of all, I noticed an Icon system. Can you go into a little more detail about that?"
Adam: "Absolutely. Depending on what position you're playing in the game, you can earn Icons by doing special moves. When you go into Clash mode by holding down the L trigger or L2 button, it slows the game down if you're on offense, and as you do fades as a QB or custom catches as a wide receiver, you earn these Clash Icons. You can also earn them on defense by doing dirty or late hits. So then what the Icons do is they bank into your Clash meter. Once you get six of them, you unlock an Unleash mode."

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