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  • L.A. Rush Impressions (Xbox)
    "L.A. Rush has grown on me since I last checked it out at E3, and I must admit, it's quite intriguing. The story mode's fleshed out a bit, and the gameplay is starting to come together like the good ol' games. Look for it to roar your way this October, and look for a better analysis upon the game's release date."
  • Blitz: The League Interview (Xbox)
    GameDaily: "Can you go into more detail about how the game "slows down" in time?"
    Adam Boyes: "Yeah, that's the Clash mode, and what that basically is that, you have a certain Clash meter. As you hold down the trigger, that slows down the game and uses up your Clash juice. Once you run out of that, of course, you have to get busted out of slow motion and aren't able to do any of your special moves anymore."

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