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We have just posted another movie clip from our beta copy of NHL 2K6.
"Play like the pros with our revolutionary icon-based passing system. All-new combo passing and shooting controls let you queue up give-and-go attacks, tic-tac-toe passing, puck cycling, behind the net plays and more!"

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# 1 Steve_OS @ 08/28/05 09:37 AM
In this clip, I used sliders from redwingsrock, which can be found in yesterdays thread.
# 2 SSM12 @ 08/28/05 10:35 AM

U think you could use my sliders?

skill level- Pro
Game Speed-2 click
period length-6 minutes
Penalties- on
Fighting- 3 clicks
Speed Burst After Fight Win- on
Puck Friction- 7 clicks
Ice Friction- 0 clicks
puck freeze time- 10 clicks
goalie freeze puck time- 3 clicks
glass breaking frequency-3 clicks
net off moorings- on
pinning- on
offside- on
icing- NHL
two line pass- NHL
Home, and away line and stratagy change- auto
Ref Collision- Players only
OT type- 5 min. 4 on 4
game clock- accelerated
clock type- NHL
Last Minute real time- on
Custom Penalty lenght- off
roughing- 15 clicks
elbowing- 15 clicks
cross checking- 15 clicks
boarding- 26 clicks
charging- 24 clicks
interference- 21 clicks
slashing- 26 clicks
hooking- 25 clicks
tripping- 25 clicks
spearing- 24 clicks
Penalty Shots- 32 clicks (full)
it goes HUMAN/CPU
Offense- 7/7
Defense- 8/4
Speed burst effect, time and revocery- 8/8
Fatigue effect- 7/7
Fatigue Recovery- 4/4
Fatigue Time- 6/6
Hitting Power- 2/2
Shot Accuracy 6/6
pass accuracy 3/3
pass speed- 8/8
Pass interception- 7/7
Rebound distance, shot blocking, 8/8
puck retention, and puck control 4/4
Goalie Anticipation- 10/10
Goalie Vocer Depth, and goalie saves- 7/7
Goalie wrap around- 10/10

Could u have Washington and Boston face off with these? thanks
# 3 Flyermania @ 08/28/05 10:54 AM

As always thanks for the vids...they are much appreciated!

If you're still taking requests, I would love to see a Flyers vs Devils game using these settings:

Period Length: 7
Skill: All-Star
Game Speed: 0
Penalties: On
Fighting: 1
Speed Burst After Fight Win: Off
Puck Friction: Max
Ice Friction: 0
Freeze Puck Time: Max
Goalie Freeze Puck Time: 0
Glass Breaking Freq: 1
Net Off Moorings: On
Pinning: On
Offside: On
Icing: NHL
Two-Line Pass: NHL

Strategies: Up To User
Referee Collision: None
Overtime Type: Single 5 Mins, 4 on 4
Game Clock: Accelerated
Clock Type: NHL
Last Minute Real Time: On
Custom Penalty Length: Off

Roughing: 20
Elbowing: 20
Cross-Checking: 20
Boarding: 18
Charging: 20
Interference: 20
Slashing: 20
Hooking: 20
Tripping: 20
Spearing: 10
Penalty Shots: 1

Goalie: 0
Offense: 7
Defense: 5/7
Speed Burst Effect: 2/1
Speed Burst Time: 2/1
Speed Burst Recovery: 4/6
Fatigue Effect: Max
Fatigue Recovery: 7
Fatigue Time: Max
Hitting Power: 2
Shot Accuracy: 5
Pass Accuracy: 5/0
Pass Speed: 3
Pass Interceptions: 8
Rebound Distance: 6
Shot Blocking: 4
Puck Retention: 0/MAX
Puck Control: 0
Goalie Anticipation: 0
Goalie Cover Depth: Max
Goalie Saves: Max
Goalie Wrap Around: 4

Controller: Up To User
Goalie Control: Manual
Pass Aim Assist: 5
Shot Aim: Manual
Auto Puck In Air Grab: Off
Puck Protect: Manual
One-timer Passing: On

Please max out the pinning slider, and if you can also increase the dump puck sliders for each team as well as the aggression --- to recreate the on-ice rivalry between these two teams.

Thanks Steve!
# 4 Malignant @ 08/28/05 11:27 AM
Thanks Steve. When you get the time could you please use the following suggestion from 'We Want The Cup' as he's also had experience with NHL 2K6.

Originally Posted by We Want The Cup

Can you just try the SIM SLIDERS preset with these additional adjustments...

Period Length at 7 (not 10)
All-star (not Pro)
Human and CPU Goalie Skill slider at 2
Speed Burst Effect for CPU at 6
CPU Defense at 7
Pinning at 14 clicks
Let everything else remain the same as the sim slider default!!

Also, make sure on your CONTROL SETTINGS, put pass aim assist on 0-5, and put shot aim and puck protect on MANUAL.

Try these in Human vs CPU, or if you can grab a friend, human vs human.

Everything else remain the same!

# 5 Cozmicoz @ 08/29/05 06:52 AM
Another great clip!

Thanks for using the HIGH SIDE camera for 1 period!

Next time, please don't zoom out the cameral all the way - it's too high.

If you can, play with it zoomed-in much closer so that we can see the animations and details better.

Great work!


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