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CheatCodeCentral has posted their review of Mario Superstar Baseball, giving it a 2.5 out of 5.
"I wouldn't rush out immediately for a copy of MSB, but if you need to play every Mario themed game that comes down the pipe don't let me stop you. Considering Nintendo Pennant Chase Baseball was recently eradicated from release lists, Mario and his posse might be looking good at the moment. If you're really into the sport, look no further than EA's MVP Baseball which obviously takes the game much more seriously. MSB could be a fun way to introduce your kids to baseball, but don't expect them to take a hankering for the real thing. Once they realize that there is no King Boo or Wario in the outfield as you sit your asses down at the ballpark, they'll realize they've been totally had. That's when you break out the beer. Root beer."

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