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PALGN has posted the following PSP reviews:
  • Virtua Tennis World Tour (8.5/10)
    "There is no doubt that Virtua Tennis is one of the best games for the PSP's launch. If you're a fan of the previous games then you'll absolutely love this port, as most parts of the game have made the transition successfully. The two main issues we have with the title are the slow loading and the controls, which aren't as intuitive as we hoped."
  • Ridge Racer (8.5/10)
    "Ridge Racer is not only the flagship title for the PSP, but also signifies the rebirth of the ailing series series. After playing this game we've completely forgiven Namco for the previous three average Ridge titles, and anyone who is a racing fan will get a kick out it. We shiver at the thought of how much better PSP racing games can get, as Ridge Racer isn't just the best racer on a handheld currently, but the best Ridge Racer title released so far."
  • WipEout Pure (8.5/10)
    "Overall, WipEout Pure is probably one of the finest games at the PSP launch. It combines futuristic combat racing with a high degree of refinement, polish and excellent, challenging gameplay, and it actually makes for a good portable title as well. Itís been a while since PALGN encountered a title with such an intelligent learning curve, and that provides such a satisfying challenge, not to mention you can download many extras and unlock numerous rewards."

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