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NBA Live Series Center has posted a Q&A session with the entire NBA Live Production Team.
NLSC: "There was some concern about the realism of NBA LIVE 06 after a couple of earlier videos showed guys like Tim Duncan and Shaquille O'Neal attempting windmills and other flashy dunks. How realistic is the gameplay this year? Can you outline some specific improvements?"
Live Team: "The gameplay for this year's title is the most authentic that it's ever been. Every aspect of NBA basketball has been captured in this year's version. Players will play more like their real life counterparts, users will have the ability to lead fast breaks, dunk over top of defenders, fake out defenders with passes, shoot runners and floaters, run authentic NBA offensive sets, preserve their momentum when manoeuvring around the court, and the mid range game is back."

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# 1 Ofizzle @ 09/02/05 08:55 AM
I hate when they answer like this:

Will we have the ability to save team strategies so that we don't have to adjust them every game?

Each team has their default set of team strategies based on their team style of play. You are currently required to change your playbook in order to change your plays. There are 30 plays that you have to choose from and each play is designed to take advantage of your teams personnel.
I don't get this, is that a yes or no? I'm assuming a no, but why couldn't he just say no, then say all the other stuff, and be like "we'll look yo have that in future versions" lol.

Have any improvements or additions been made to player development/rookie scouting in NBA LIVE 06?

We have included a couple of new features within player development these are each player has a work ethic and a learning rating. The two ratings work hand in hand. Learning is how well a player learns from the assistant coaches. Work ethic is the player's ability to stay in good shape. This feature allows rookies to grow at different rates and even have some players have weight issues over their career.
I made a suggestion like this in wishlists this year, so that's cool.
# 2 Steve_OS @ 09/02/05 09:01 AM
Yes, plenty of Producers come in to see the wishlists to get new ideas. You never know what they'll add, but it's good to know they listen to the fans.

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