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  • Super Mario Strikers Preview
    "People should definitely take first note that Strikers is still very much early in development and that in the most recent demo, only one mode was playable. However, based on that one mode, it seems pretty clear where Nintendo is taking Mario's latest sports iteration. Just like in other notable Mario sports titles such as Power Tennis and the upcoming Superstar Baseball, Strikers takes on the quirky atmosphere that Mario always brings to them along with the realistic features that still maintain the traditional atmosphere of the sport!"
  • Mario Superstar Baseball Review (7.5/10)
    "So what is my final verdict? I've played all the Mario Sports titles and liked each one, and frankly, this one is no exception. Namco did a really nice job using Nintendo's flagship mascots and their talent to develop a baseball game that is sure to please a lot of fans. Anyone who didn't know too much about video games would think it has been developed by Nintendo themselves! It's easy to pick up because it's not as deep as a standard baseball game but yet it can offer a great challenge. I am quite happy with my purchase and think a lot of people will be too."

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