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We have just posted a new poll and the results from our previous one.

The NHL is back, do you care?

Yes! - 51.35%

No! - 48.65%

Total Votes: 629

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# 1 Steve_OS @ 09/06/05 07:10 AM
I'm looking forward to all of them myself.
# 2 devilsjaw @ 09/06/05 07:45 AM
Whichever won't make me broke...
# 3 luv_mist @ 09/06/05 08:49 AM
XBOX 360 most of all cause I'm curious to see how well it works without the harddrive and still be a major force....
# 4 minorthing @ 09/06/05 09:32 AM
Originally Posted by luv_mist
XBOX 360 most of all cause I'm curious to see how well it works without the harddrive and still be a major force....
360 will have a hard drive--you just have to pay a little more.
# 5 luv_mist @ 09/06/05 11:01 AM
Originally Posted by minorthing
360 will have a hard drive--you just have to pay a little more.
I won't be paying cause I can't afford to overpay for something like that so quickly. So, that's just me and those countless many of others that are in the same boat as me. I'm not going to by an XBOX 360 to pay for a hard drive and just be able to play XBOX games on it for the first few months. Pointless. Definitely want to see what Oblivion and other games like that would look like though. I'm just curious....
# 6 DASKCREW1 @ 09/06/05 11:45 AM
i'm not even buying the new xbox i rather just wait for the ps3
# 7 harrisonx88 @ 09/06/05 12:36 PM
360.. interested to see what the new Live is gonna be like
# 8 ehh @ 09/06/05 01:11 PM
360 at some point, prolly next Spring when the baseball games come out.
# 9 gurantsu @ 09/06/05 01:30 PM
360, already preordered it (the version with the HD) and 4 games (Project Gotham Racing 3, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, Call of Duty 2, and Elder Scrolls Oblivian).

I used to get multiple systems, but this generation I have to limit myself to only 1, and Xbox gets the nod for me. Maybe I'll snag a PS3 down the road a bit, after price drops and whatnot (and depending on the games of course!) I'm looking forward to the baseball games also.
# 10 VeNOM2099 @ 09/06/05 01:34 PM
The 360. For 3 reasons really:

1 - It will be out first

2 - I will probably only be able to afford just ONE console...

3 - NHL 2K6 will be one of the launch games... 'nuff said!
# 11 dwesnyc @ 09/06/05 02:20 PM
if the xbox drops its price when the ps3 comes out I will probably go for the 360
# 12 Spirit In Black @ 09/06/05 02:44 PM
I'm getting the 360, mainly because I'm impressed with the launch titles, only problem is I'll only pick up two games at launch because that's all I'll be able to afford, so I'm getting Oblivion for sure then it's between Madden NFL 06, Call of Duty 2, and NHL 2k6....I think I might wait 'till Madden '07 before I get a football game on 360 though, by then some of the bugs should be worked out.....that's unless Madden '06 for 360 blows me away.
# 13 hapa17 @ 09/06/05 04:45 PM
i've always gotten more than 1 console each generation, b/c each usually offers something more-or-less unique. this generation, however, may be the one in which i just cannot do it. even tho i think the ps3 will be a superior system, i simply refuse to pay more than $400 for it. and judging from rumors and what that Kutaragi guy said (the company wants "for consumers to think to themselves 'I will work more hours to buy one'. We want people to feel that they want it, irrespective of anything else."), i'm thinking this mutha's gonna be well over $500. i can't fathom valuing a gaming console high enough to spend $500+ on it. and really, i resent that comment. i game to relieve the stress of my job and "real world" responsibilities. i simply won't allow buying a console to be in the realm of "i need to work more hours to get it." that's reserved for affording a house, car, or health bills. this coming from me, a total sony WH0RE, really shows how discontent i am with how they're presenting this ps3 to me.

IF the ps3 were to come out at $400, i'd probably get it. over 500 is a no-go. i'ma get the $400 xbox 360 at release, and even that is pushing my boundries. but sony's making the decision to buy the 360 easier by coming on so strong with the potential price of the ps3.

i wanna love sony, but it's pushing me away. i may dump sony for being an evil, filthy wh0re, and turn my extra-marital affair with bill gates into a full-blown relationship. damn shame, cuz sony is the type you wanna bring home to mama.
# 14 coogrfan @ 09/06/05 06:08 PM
I voted "all of them" because there wasn't a "everything except the Revolution" option.
# 15 Acid @ 09/06/05 06:53 PM
Xbox 360.

Only next-gen system I am getting. Xbox Live is the main reason I sold my PS2, the online factor is amazing. So it's no question that I'll get the 360 and not the PS3.
# 16 TheKingOfVa @ 09/06/05 07:06 PM
360 for me. I'll look at the other systems once they get old and the price goes down. I already preordered NBA 2k6 for the 360
# 17 DASKCREW1 @ 09/06/05 07:10 PM
i think that everybody is saying xbox 360 because it come's out earlier but when the ps3 come's out is gonna blow any console away!
# 18 Shamrock_11 @ 09/06/05 09:22 PM
Originally Posted by DASKCREW1
i think that everybody is saying xbox 360 because it come's out earlier but when the ps3 come's out is gonna blow any console away!
Just having the Blue Ray drive alone is costing Sony $100 per machine. Sony can't afford to take a loss on their consoles either...not the way Microsoft can. I can easily see the PS3 being $399.99 without a HDD. Not to mention, what kind of online service are they going to have this time around? That's one area Microsoft has a very firm advantage over Sony, and it will be very difficult for Sony to overcome that. Wait another year to be overcharged by Sony for there "don't think of it as a game machine" PS3? Not. Xbox 360 for me.
# 19 MaddenMan @ 09/07/05 01:06 PM
XB360 easily, I am interested in the PS3 only if they make online Broadband only. I'm sick of all the dial up lag, heck BB can be bad enough but dial-up is downright backwoods nowadays.
# 20 RoyalBoyle14 @ 09/07/05 01:43 PM
Well I have my 360 preorderd already, and today that will all change, I'm using the money I put down on my 360 fro NHL06, and then I'm putting the rest to pay for one of the NBA games. I really wanted the 360, but with it not having the HD in the basic system just made me think twice, and then I got a new Car and my money is pretty tight right now, and plus I just thought I would wait for the PS3 to come to make my final choice, I don't want to get the 360 just because it's the first system out, just to have the PS3 to be better and then wan't to trade the 360 in. So I will just hold off and wait, for the first time in my game playing life, this may be the smart thing to do. Plus 360 is all about online gaming too, and I for one could careless about online gaming, just don't have time for it, the time I could play online could be time playing one of my sports game franchise, that just how I look at it, online gaming just never did anything for me.

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