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GamePro has posted NHL 2K6 reviews for the following consoles:
  • Xbox (4.5/5)
    "One of the franchise's strong suits has always been its staggering number of in-game control options, and NHL 2K6 keeps this trend alive. As is to be expected, players still have the ability to make separate offensive and defensive line changes (a feature sorely missing from NHL 06) as well as the ability to execute deke moves at the flick of the right analog stick. Likewise, gamers are still able to separately customize strategies for each individual line and skater, making it the most satisfyingly deep sim this side of Montreal."
  • Playstation 2 (4.5/5)
    "On top of the numerous control features, NHL 2K6 also sports improved player control. Previously, the franchise suffered a bit too much from annoying floatiness as the skaters really didn't seem grounded on the ice. While this area of the game isn't as good as in NHL 06, Visual Concepts made it so it isn't as noticeable as before, which should make a lot more people happy."

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