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  • Burnout Legends Review (PSP - 9.5/10)
    "Burnout Legends is certainly the best racing game on PSP, and let's face it, it's up against plenty of competition. Its structure is perfect for a handheld experience, as none of the challenges it presents last more than a few minutes. It's fast-paced, rewarding, and pulls double duty as both a service to long-term fans, and as a gateway drug for Burnout newbies."
  • Virtua Tennis 3 Preview (Arcade)
    "While all these extras will certainly add up to a deeper gameplay experience than in previous Virtua Tennis titles, there is only so much the developers can do to tweak the play style without risking alienating the fans who love the series so much, so the biggest change to the standard tennis matches in VT3 comes in the visuals."

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