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  • World Series of Poker (Xbox, PS2 - 2.5/5)
    "World Series of Poker is getting closer to the real thing but it's not even close enough to the virtual internet poker thing where many of the young superstars are cutting their teeth. Go there now, but you'll have to find it yourself since we don't promote other websites unless they pay us gobs of cash. One day I'm going to see some of that cash when I challenge Dave to a poker match."
  • Burnout Legends (PSP - 3.5/5)
    "While Legends can be thought off as a "Best Of Burnout" or "Greatest Hits", it really doesn't come off as a total rehash or dumbed down console version at all. It feels fresh and invigorating to play this game on the go. Criterion packed so much into that UMD that you'll finally have that one game that was totally worth buying a PSP for or IS worth investing in one now. Legends is just as much of a blast playing it alone while you wait for dad outside of Larry's Liquor & Ammo as it as it playing it with the guys loitering around Cowboy Bob's Porno & Religious Artifacts Emporium. It's a wild ride and one finally worth taking on the PSP."

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