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  • Gretzky NHL 06 Preview (PSP)
    "Gretzky NHL 06 is coming out only 7 months after the release of the first Gretzky NHL game for the PSP. Considering the short time frame, it is remarkable that SCEA has managed to put together so many new modes, although the lack of a Franchise mode will still hurt hockey fans. Nonetheless, Gretzky NHL 06 is beginning to turn heads in the world of hockey, so keep your eyes out for this October release."
  • NHL 06 (PC, Xbox, PS2, GC - A)
    "Fortunately NHL 06 is so cool, that one can overlook this NHL 94 debacle. NHL 06 is the most realistic hockey game to date, EA Sports has put together a phenomenal product. It will act as an aid for the fans to forgive the owners and players for their recent shenanigans. If you are a fan of other games in the NHL franchise, you will love the newest addition to the line - with or without Sidney Crosby."
  • Big Mutha Truckers 2: Truck Me Harder Review (PS2, Xbox, PC - C)
    "Since most of them are probably still busy ogling the drunken coeds of The Guy Game or using the Hot Coffee mode to make CJ get it on with his girlfriends in San Andreas, BMT2 is not likely to find an audience. If you find yourself considering purchasing this at your local EB Games, put it down, get the truck outta there and go rent Smokey and the Bandit instead. The two hours of enjoyment you'll get out of that is more than you'll get from this title."

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