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  • Nintendo Revolution Controller Shots and Thoughts
    "Players will also be able to plug in various expansion controllers through a port on the bottom of the unit, including a classic expansion to allow traditional control of the Revolution's back-catalogue titles, and an analogue stick device with Z1 and Z2 triggers for what Iwata jokingly referred to as a "nunchuck-style expansion" - presumably more in terms of looks than action. It will also be possible for gamers to use two controllers at once."
  • Project Gotham Racing 3 Preview (Xbox 360)
    "What does stick out, however, is high-definition - and those who don't want it get a nice consolation. Ideally displayed in 720 progressive-scan with 2x anti-aliasing, the game doubles the anti-aliasing effect - smoothing over any jagged edges you might see - should you be playing in regular 640x480. And if you want to pause and admire the game's good looks, you can do that too. Like Gran Turismo 4, PGR3 has a Photo mode, except this one can be accessed at any time, and lets you change the camera position as much as you like, adjust settings similar to a real camera (shutter speed, focus, aperture, sepia, etc.) and then save the results to the hard disk. Those more interested in the live spectacle can take advantage of full rewind in replay mode too."

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