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  • Rumble Roses XX Interview (X360)
    1up: "So if Double X is not a sequel and not a director's cut, how would you describe it?"
    Akari Uchida: "This is like the "true" Rumble Roses. We're sort of remaking the game for the 360, this is what we wanted Rumble Roses to be in the first place. For example we wanted to introduce online gameplay last time, but we couldn't because of time. And last time because of the limitations of the hardware, it was either high polygon models or tag-team action and we dropped tag-team action in order to maintain the high polygon characters, and this time we can do everything."
  • Ridge Racer 6 Preview (X360)
    "While the game will feature new cars and tracks, the play mechanics are based off of the recent PSP game -- a very good thing. For example, you have the same three-level boost meter, and it's possible to reverse steer into curves just enough to whip your car around in a 360 and hot dog your way through them (a play mechanic that was basically refined in the PSP version)."

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