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  • NHL 06 Review (4 stars)- PS2
    "Last year's NHL effort from EA Sports left me a little bored, but that boredom has quickly turned around thanks to the novel efforts of NHL 06's development team. The folks over there at EA Canada actually took a good, long, hard look at what made classic NHL games work for the company, and have mostly implemented them into a competent, ferocious game, bringing the brand back from the doldrums. It's not quite perfect just yet, as it lacks a little variety in certain spots, but, hey, they've gotten this far. Imagine next year's potential champion."
  • Burnout Revenge Review (4.5 stars)- Xbox
    "You have to wonder at times if the members of Criterion even get any sleep whatsoever. They've produced Burnout 3: Takedown with wonderful results, they're hard at work on Burnout 360, and inbetween they've managed BOTH the handheld Burnout Legends and this, an improved rebuilding of the gameplay and a maximized structure that makes Takedown look like a walk in the park. Burnout Revenge is the pinnacle of the series thus far, an explosive, fast-paced affair that's so nuts it almost feels cozy in a straitjacket. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT miss this ride."
  • NBA '06 Preview- PS2
    "As far as gameplay, it should be very satisfactory. Although not shown, the producers indicated that a dunking system would come into play to help gamers bring it to the hole with authority. The outside and general shooting engine works in a color-coded system. For instance, if you release the ball too early or late, it'll be colored red and won't last a second. Hitting it in a yellow-ish state gives the ball a 50/50 chance, but hitting it in green means you're golden. We had a chance to try it out briefly in one of the mini-games, and it seems to feel pretty solid in terms of timing and playability."
  • NBA '06 Interview- PSP
    "We've implemented an all-new trading card system, providing gamers an opportunity to capture freeze-frame shots of their favorite drives, shots, passes, and dunks as virtual cards to keep and share with others. We've also implemented a ton of new animations from our PS2 big brother, added Ian Eagle as our play-by-play, and have the game running at a lightning-fast sixty frames-per-second. The game looks and plays better than ever and I can honestly say that we are very excited. The teams have worked incredibly hard to produce a fun, fast paced hoops game that will have the right combination of simulation and arcade elements and modes to appeal to the hard-core hoops fan and the novice as well. We are very excited about NBA 06 for the PSP and the PS2, and hope gamers are as well."

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