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Gaming Target has posted their review of Pinball Hall of Fame, giving it a 5.
"It's a shame they couldn't nail down the games perfectly or you'd have one outstanding collection of pinball games from one of the more famous and successful pinball manufacturers in the world. As such, the game serves as a great history lesson (as well as a good little self-promotion for the real Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas), just with some awkwardly-playing games, though some are better than others. The occasionally wonky ball physics and weak flippers can be overcome with time, but they really do hamper certain tables, making them less fun than they could be. At $15 for 7 tables plus some bonus diversions, it's a solid value 2 dollars a game (which looks even better when at a quarter per play, you could get 8 total balls for 2 bucks on a real machine), but unlike the mostly flawless emulation of the various game compilations (simple due to the fact that games are code, while pinball is not), Pinball HOF doesn't quite get it right. If there is an eventual sequel that focuses on another manufacturer, hopefully it will turn out to be the great pinball compilation many hope for. In the meantime, wouldn't it rock if Bally/Midway did their own collection?"

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