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Gaming Target has posted their review of Burnout Revenge, giving it a 9.4.
"Without a doubt, Burnout Revenge is yet another awesome entry into this franchise, though it doesn't quite match the impact that Burnout 3 did � though that would have been a tall, tall order considering the high praise it received from all corners of gaming. Rather than resting on their laurels and delivering your usual EA cash-in, Criteron made sure to spend the year taking Takedown's core and make it feel fresh without taking away what made the game so beloved. Sure, taking out the fear of hitting some of the traffic makes the game less terrifying than past Burnout games, and the increased emphasis on taking out opposition rather than merely outracing them might be too much for some die-hards to handle, but as you get used to it, the magic is still there...though it makes going back and playing the past games a bit strange without the ability to check other cars. On its own though, Burnout Revenge is another classic, and thanks to EA's missteps with the Need for Speed franchise, it has become their cornerstone racing series � regardless of sales. Let's hope Criterion doesn't fall into the NFS trap on the next generation hardware, and keep Burnout the way it is � simple, yet ferocious, thrilling, and intense."

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